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Office Lunch

Office Lunch

Offering meals to employees is a truly wonderful perk. When you consider cost and calories, it’s tough eating out every day. And let’s face it, sometimes waking up early to make lunch isn’t how we want to spend our mornings. Additionally, businesses often struggle to offer meals as part of an employee benefits package. Employees want lunches that are affordable yet healthy and delicious. ‘Affordability’ often trumps ‘healthy’, effecting employee health, and company profitability as a result.

So how can employers offer employees easy access to a healthy lunch at an affordable price? FOODwelove has the solution: We offer: High Quality Meals

  • Ingredients: Our local and seasonal ingredients always meet our high quality standards: in one word, natural! We do not believe in adding anything artificial to our food. It is not just healthier; it tastes better! Our vegetable, meat, poultry and dairy products come from local suppliers.
  • Our menu: Is inventive yet basic and guarantees a balanced and varied diet. Homemade and freshly prepared, we deliver daily nutritious lunches to busy people.
  • Our meals: Are a nourishing composition of carefully selected “whole foods” like complex carbohydrates, fresh veggies and fruits, topped with healthy fat and protein – not to forget: Deliciously TASTY! “You won’t even notice you’re eating healthy!”
  • Cold or Hot: All our lunch boxes are served cold and do not need to be heated but can be re-heated in a microwave.
  • Sustainability Promise: Our FOODwelove healthy lunch meals are packed in tastefully designed disposable and biodegradable containers.
  • Portion size: We believe in fueling up on nutrient dense, whole food.

How do you order your daily lunch?

  • Order: Your lunch order must be placed by 11:30am on Friday for the following week’s lunches.
  • Delivery: FOODwelove will deliver the healthy lunch meals every day to your offices by 12:30pm.
  • Conservation: Our meals are placed inside a cooler box that will keep the FOODwelove healthy lunch meals fresh during the delivery process.

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