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About FOOD WE love

About us

“Our obsession and focus is on good food, from the sourcing, creating and prepping, to the cooking or baking, presenting and serving- AND ( of course) seeing the enjoyment of finally having our food creation happily devoured with relish!”

In 2015 ‘FOODwelove’ was born as a café, kitchen, deli and catering business.

In 2016 we started our own healthy lunch delivery service for companies in Cape Town.

At FOODwelove we are concentrating on the healthy way to prepare and eat food without detracting from its taste and attraction – using plenty of herbs, fresh and healthy products.

We specialize in uncomplicated and wholesome meals.

We offer a wonderful alternative to fast and mass produced ready-to-eat meals.

Our food is deliciously tasty, healthy, quick and affordable. It’s the kind of food you’d love to cook at home, (but often do not have the time to do so)

We know you are enjoying our food, and if you’ve not yet tried us out, we know you will!

Yours, Christina and Stephanie